Executive Search

A leading executive search solution with a passion for connecting people. Our aim is to create genuine and impactful partnerships with the world’s most innovative companies and connect them to talent.

Just Some of the Companies Using Heirizon

Globally Recognized

Heirizon is a globally recognized employment marketplace for employee candidates search for new opportunities.

Talent Discovery

We constantly develop new methods to discover the most talented and in-demand human capital across all verticals.

Personalized Service

We work tirelessly to understand your requirements and match this with our extensive tested pool of candidates.

A global solution that helps organizations recruit exceptional leaders.

What makes our approach so successful?

Tested Professionals

We rigorously test shortlisted professional on the qualities needed for your search. We ensure that individuals are appropriate for not just the obvious requirements on paper, but the finer and less apparent characteristics, saving you time, money and frustration.

A Proactive Approach

Our proactive approach allows us to constantly develop new methods to discover the most talented and in-demand human capital on the market.

Cost Effective Hiring

Executive search can cost companies circa 30% of the annual salary of newly hired employees. We have built a model that makes it cost-effective for employers to hire the highest caliber of c-class executives by using a combination of our low-cost subscription model as well as a significantly low percentage of the candidate’s annual salary.

Once the candidate C-class executive has been hired, 15% of the annual salary is invoiced over 6 months. If the employer wishes to pay in a single payment, the fee is reduced to only 10%. Request to learn more about the pricing with an agent.

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